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Using the eHive catalogue

eHive is a web-based collection cataloguing system. It is a shared system used worldwide by hundreds of museums, societies and private collectors to catalogue objects, store images, manage acquisition information and publish collections online. 


Objects may be viewed by going to and entering an BTMA accession number in the search field.  This will return only limited public information and not the full listing. It will also return information about objects in other museums.

To see full information of just BTMA objects, you must login to a view only eHive account:

Login name:

Password: viewer1

Click here to get the login page.


Enter a search term in the Search field. This can be a word, phrase or an accession number. Accession numbers are of the form BTMA.year_accessioned.sequential_number e.g. BTMA.2024.0269

Note that eHive does a full text search and returns all occurrences of a query text. So if you enter an accession number, for example BTMA.2024.0269, then all of the accession numbers will be returned since all records contains BTMA.

Better is 2024.0269 i.e. no BTMA prefix.  This will return just the one unique entry.  If not found, there will be no results returned.  

Link to eHive
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