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We have an exciting series of 10 talks this season covering a broad range of topics from Burford and beyond.


This year, the 2023/24 Tolsey Talks are in two parts.

  • ‘Dark Nights’ delivered by Zoom videoconferencing in Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar and Oct
  • ‘Light Nights’ delivered to a live audience at the Baptist Church or Warwick Hall in Apr, May, Jun, Jul and Sep


The individual price of each talk is £6, which comes to a total of £30 for 5 talks.

You can buy the set of 5 ‘Dark Nights or 5 ‘Light Nights’ or all 10 talks here at a discount from the individual prices.


All 5 'Dark Night' talks on Zoom

  • £20 Non Subscribers
  • £18 Friends
  • This is per household, not per person


All 5 'Light Night' talks live

  • £20 Non Subscribers
  • £18 Friends
  • This is per person


For all 10 talks ('Dark Nights' on Zoom plus 'Light Nights' in person)

  • £40 Non Subscribers
  • £36 Friends


Note: Benefactors receive free access to all the talks as a benefit of their annual subscriptions.


For the five 'Dark Night' talks only.  You can also book one of the 8 seats at the Trustees Table to join the speakers in person to hear them deliver their talks via Zoom to the wider audience . Wine and nibbles included. The £25 charge is per per person and is in addition to the cost of your series subscription to the talks. 


Note that you can only buy Seats at the Trustees Table through the online shop.


Once purchased, you will receive an email with full instructions of how to listen to the talks. If you don’t receive an email, check your Spam folder. Still no response? Send us a message via Contact Us.


Note that you can only buy the Series of Talks through the online shop. There is no shipping charge so always select 'Free Delivery within Burford'


Talks can be purchased individually from the What's On page.

Burford Tolsey Talks 2023/24 Series Subscriptions

PriceFrom £18.00
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