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Adopt an Object

Become part of the heritage of Burford story by adopting one of the Burford Tolsey’s museums treasures

Each item in our museum has its own curious story; from being created, travelling through different owners and uses and ending up in the Burford Tolsey Museum where it started a new life.  We’d like to offer you the unique chance to help us to raise essential Museum Funds by choosing to adopt one of our fascinating items or displays and become part of that story yourself.

Adoption costs a minimum of £50 a year for an individual (£100 for a company). All proceeds go to the Burford Tolsey Museum & Archive to help fund our daily running costs.

Your donation brings you a special adoption certificate, a digital image of your object and your name credited on our website and near your item.

For companies, we offer your logo on our website and a name credit near the item plus the chance for a photo opportunity with the item to use on your website or in the local press.

For further information, please contact us:

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