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The Burford Tolsey’s educational and outreach ambitions for reaching out and involving all generations and sectors of the local and wider community include sharing our facilities, collections and knowledge with the following people.

  • Academic researchers

    • Being a resource for those undertaking research into local topics.

  • Individuals

    • Welcoming those investigating personal histories, local events, people,
      families, council, societies, clubs etc. 

    • Delivering an annual programme of talks, visits and meetings.​​​

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  • Schools

    • Primary – Investigating the opportunities for ‘Explore & Learn’
      initiatives e.g.

      • “Explore the hidden stories” in our documents e.g. with an object plus a range of work sheets, story boards, projects, speakers

      • Follow a “Detective Based Enquiry” into a period / event / theme​

    • Secondary

      • to consider the possibilities for dovetailing the Archive’s material in with their curriculum​

    • Primary and Secondary

      • Providing material and advice to individual and class projects which involve local historical events, local communities and people

      • Encouraging individual visits from school-age children (with their parents, when appropriate) who are wanting to study local history​

  • Sons & Daughters of Burford

    • Stories of notable & people who have lived in or contributed to Burford.


  • Museum Events​​

    • Holiday Time “Heritage Club”

    • Providing speakers for Societies & Events

    • Leading “Town Walks”  

    • Hosting “Open Days” at the Archive not only on Heritage weekend but
      also at other times.

  • Partnerships with other Museums

    • Sharing collections knowledge

    • The intention to forge partnerships with other local museums to enable                                                 our treasures (or copies of them) to be shared.

    • Introduce an ‘object in focus’ programme that has proved so successful                                                     at many regional and national museums.

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Educational and Outreach Ambitions

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