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Burford Tolsey Talks 2023/24

Book now for the new season of Tolsey Talks.

We have an exciting series of 10 talks this season covering a broad range of topics from Burford and beyond.

This year, the 2023/24 Tolsey Talks are in two parts.

  • ‘Dark Nights’ delivered by Zoom videoconferencing in Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar and Oct

  • ‘Light Nights’ delivered to a live audience at the Baptist Church or Warwick Hall in Apr, May, Jun, Jul and Sep

The individual price of each talk is £6, which comes to a total of £30 for 5 talks or £60 for all 10.

There are discounts if you buy a series...

  • You can buy the set of 5 ‘Dark Nights or 5 ‘Light Nights’ for £20

  • You can buy all 10 talks for £40

  • You can get even more reductions if you are a Friend or Benefactor.

And there is a Trustee Table option where you can be a guest at our 'Dark Night' Zoom talks.

Visit our What's On page or the online shop for more details.

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