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One book, five revealing insights into Burford’s    fascinating heritage penned by accomplished story tellers, all for a special price of £5.  Thanks to the generosity of Raymond and Joan Moody all the  proceeds are going to the new Burford Archive.

The topics for you to enjoy are:

  • How the scourge of smallpox struck Burford in 1758. Few places were more seriously affected by this deadly disease than this Town. All this was before Edward Jenner introduced the practice of vaccination 38 years later.
  • How the arrangements for administering the Town have evolved over the centuries
  • The Burford Booke for Vicaridge Rights’ begun in 1672 — a translation and introduction
  • A brief account of the Plymouth Brethren Assembly.  In 1830 Burford had a Parish Church, a Quaker meeting and Methodist and Baptist congregations but then one more congregation was formed and flourished in the Town, until the 1960s.
  • The Tucker Enigma. This originated from a puzzle posed by two letters written to Thomas Cromwell in 1538 concerning a man called Tucker, heavily involved in Burford’s cloth trade. Looking for this man uncovered a Tudor tale of personal tensions in the town in a troubled period of history.

Burford Papers I

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