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A Gift in Your Will

By leaving a gift to the Burford Tolsey Museum and Archive (BTMA) in your will, you could help secure its long term future for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. 

If you would like to know how to create a legacy and what it would achieve, the BTMA Chairman would be delighted to meet with you to discuss the best way forward.  This could be wording within your will or a codicil to an existing will and could be a -

  • Gift of a specific sum of money or object

  • Gift in Kind

  • Residuary Legacy


Important matters to consider before proceeding

  1. Clarity: It’s essential to be clear and specific in the wording, to avoid any ambiguity about the donor's intentions.

  2. Consultation: Before making a bequest, it’s a very good idea to discuss the intended legacy with the BTMA to ensure we can comply with your wishes.

  3. Legal and Financial Advice: A qualified professional, like a solicitor or estate planning advisor, should be consulted to ensure the will is legally sound, and that the bequest is structured in a way that is consistent with the your overall estate plan and financial goals.

  4. Specific Purpose: If the legacy is intended for a specific purpose within the BTMA, it is critical to state this explicitly in your will, and agreement from the BTMA should ideally be obtained in advance to ensure they are able and willing to use the legacy as intended.

  5. Contingency Provisions: It may also be prudent to include contingency provisions, outlining what should happen if the BTMA is unable, unwilling, or no longer exists to receive the bequest.


Remember, there is no substitute for professional legal advice, and laws can vary depending on the jurisdiction. We will always ensure that you consult with a qualified professional when drafting your legacy or other legal document.

For further information, please contact us:

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